Welcome everyone!! I’m excited to introduce to you our new neighborhood blog, The DC Times!!

In case you haven’t been up on the emails (in which case, how did you find the website? Impressive…) there is a new email address associated with the blog. If you have information/updates on your life you feel are worth sharing, email dinnerclubtimes@yahoo.com! I will check that ~once a week (unless someone wants to start a fund for the $20/year it costs to upgrade to Yahoo!Plus and be able to forward the mail to my Gmail account…lol) and then write a new post about our updates! Exciting!

First New Posts:

Peggy was extremely excited to share with us that she met Bethenny Frankel, her new bff! (For those of you unsure of who she is, follow the link). Peggy even got pictures with Bethenny! You can see the pictures on Peggy’s Facebook page, but you have to be friends with her (her profile picture is a good one!) In Peggy’s words, “Phyllis craig and I were  one  of  350 people who stood in line for over an hour to have her sign our bottle of skinny girl and snap our pic…no time to even talk to her  Everyone else was in their 20’s or early 30’s, which just proves how hip I am!!! Haha! But was fun to see her. She is so beautiful in person”

John, my father (I sometimes feel weird calling him John), shared that he’s almost done in Sri Lanka! They are/were putting the finishing touches on the proposal and going to deliver the bid in about 3 hours (so probably about now). Good luck! He’s hoping his trip back to Ohio (which cost about 2.5 days, his luggage and a little bit of his mental health 😉 ) goes smoothly. He leaves at 12pm tonight – his time – goes through Frankfurt, to Chicago and then home. Even more good luck!! Oh, and to prove to you that he did more than just work in a beautiful, unique country, he attached a photo…in case there were doubts or confusion – “I’m the one on the left”

John with big Elephant

Which one is John?



(I feel very Gossip Girl signing off like that)

Do you have something you’d like to post in the DC Times? Email dinnerclubtimes@yahoo.com to submit information!