So I guess this should have been the first post but better late than never.

First off, a great way to communicate back and forth with each other after these posts are made is with comments. You have leave a comment or reply to another person’s comment. Seems simple, just wanted to make sure everyone knew about it 🙂

Another nice feature that many of you already know about is the RSS feed. You can subscribe to the blog using an RSS feed and then you’ll be updated by email or another means that a new post has been posted. The best way that I like to subscribe is through Google Reader. If you have a Google account you have a Reader. Click ‘more’ on the top right of then click on ‘Reader’. Then you can add a subscription and Reader will collect all your updates in one place so you don’t have to try to remember to look at any of the different websites you subscribe to (news sites and other websites have them too). So subscribe to our neighborhood blog!

Lastly, new update! I recently wrote a blog for The Scientific American and this morning it was published on the Guest Blog site. Go here to read it! It’s on the dangers of running in the heat.