The moral of this post is that I’m not getting any new information from anyone (and I know you all lead interesting lives) and so I feel like I’ve been hosting The Caitlyn Show on our blog. Please email me and help change this!

However, I do happen to have yet another update on my life. (If you’re getting bored of them, you have no one but yourself to blame) I was recently featured on The Science Cheerleader website! I am a new edition to their ‘squad’ of science cheerleaders (sounds cheezy but has a great message and goal). My post is here and I’ll be working with Science Cheerleader as their NC representative which will start with a project that is nationwide in it’s efforts and will take place at the Science and Technology Fair in DC, April 2012. Details will follow as I get them….

Until then…send me more about your lives (Ellen I know you have some witty comment you’re just dying to share) so I can stop making this The Caitlyn Show!