Thanks to Andy and Toni we are deviating away from ‘The Caitlyn Show’ – I know you all are sad.

Here’s the story of their travels that we all were dying to hear!

Well, here goes. Since June 30, Andy and I have visited Boston;York, Maine; Cape Cod; and Nantucket. Now we are back to Boston to spend the night before flying home tomorrow! We were fortunate to spend several days with Erin and her BF Bill and then several more days with Erin alone. Maine and Nantucket were wonderful places to visit and we hope to return. Andy was able to enjoy some Northeast-style golf and we visited some old, old towns including Plymouth, MA site of ye olde Pilgrim landing. I have done very well in (almost) achieving my goal of tasting lobster every day. I did miss two actual days but believe I made up for them by having it twice on two other days! So, a la Forrest Gump, here is the list of ways I have eaten this luscious crustacean:

Lobster Caesar salad
Lobster Newburg
Lobster nachos
Lobster quesadilla
Lobster frittata
Lobster steamed whole
Lazy lobster (steamed lobster already shelled for you!!)
Lobster bisque
Lobster risotto
Lobster roll
Lobster pie

I think I may have potentially missed a preparation style in this list, but suffice it to say that those with high cholesterol may want to rethink duplicating this feat in 13 days or less.

We miss you all and can’t wait to reunite soon! We want to hear about everyone’s summer adventures. Love, Toni and Andy

Feel free to send pictures as well!