So I begged and pleaded and all I got was a response from Toni saying, “We love the Caitlyn Show!” So if you won’t email me things that are going on in your life, I will bore you with mine! Consider yourself warned!

At Work: 

My master’s project is picking up with the launch of the Marine Cadastre Twitter feed (@MarineCadastre). We’ve been waiting a month to get formal permission back from NOAA and the Dept of Commerce, never actually did, so decided to go ahead anyways. If anyone asks, it wasn’t my idea and therefore I won’t get in trouble. Please follow if you’re on Twitter!! Who wouldn’t want to get updates about new ocean data inside of an interactive map meant for wind farm planners?!? We’re also beginning to look into Facebook and YouTube so that should be exciting…I’m writing a proposal for the director of our communications department because she’s not fully convinced of social media. (She also wants to approve all tweets that are posted, meaning we have to send about 15 emails to be able to put 140 characters of text online. I ❤ the Government). If you want more info about my master’s project follow my blog!

Bringing work home:

Poor Shaun had to endure dinner at my bosses last night. It was actually quite enjoyable but seeing as my boss’ wife also works at a NOAA facility I think Shaun was bored. They made a yummy polenta casserole of sorts that I’m going to get the recipe of for sure. So good. Oh, and she thinks I’m some sort of social media goddess. Would love to know what my boss has been telling her…

At Home:

Trying to beat the heat and continue training for the Rock’n’Roll Chicago Half Marathon on August 14th…wish me luck there. Meanwhile, one of the dogs our roommates have (Cooper, girl, pitbull mix with crazy) hasn’t let the heat stop her from gracefully jumping the 7 foot tall fence in the backyard with ease, twice. Barely needs a running start. Jumps it like it’s nothing. We’re working on getting footage for YouTube, in which case, you will be given the link. Roommates Mark and Christin (owners of Cooper, and the house) are less than a month away from getting married and you can barely tell. Benefits of having the wedding in your hometown are apparently having your parents plan the wedding (tempting.)


So now you know why you need to send me things you’re doing…b/c otherwise The Caitlyn Show will continue to get more out of hand…pictures, videos, and finally, a blog name change. Don’t let that happen. You have only yourselves to blame.